Residential Services

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Residential clients receive the individualized care necessary to have full, successful lives.

Supported Living:

We provide the stability and comfort everyone deserves in an extraordinary setting. With dependable, well-trained Residential Support Coaches providing round-the-clock care for individuals with disabilities who choose to live as roommates, every day brings new learning experiences for all of our clients. Our residents are given daily support in achieving goals they set in partnership with their support network (therapists, family members, case managers, etc.).  Clients are given a variety of opportunities to build community connections that are meaningful to them, helping them to develop new relationships, expand their interests, and broaden their abilities.

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Residential Clients are given opportunities to develop new relationships and build skills for independence.

Mandy’s Farm supported living clients have full access to adaptive horsemanship lessons, our therapeutic aquatics center, and opportunities to build skills in caring for their own garden using organic practices.

Customized In-Home Supports:

Mandy’s Farm now offers Customized In-Home Supports.  This program allows individuals with developmental disabilities to live in a typical family setting, with either their own family or a surrogate family they select.  Mandy’s Farm assists with identifying and monitoring these placements, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to learn and grow in the setting they choose.  For more information please e-mail today.

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