Organic Gardens and Nutrition Workshop

Organic Gardening and Nutrition Workshops:

IMG_8009Residents and clients receiving Day Services at Mandy’s Farm are invited to participate in regular Organic Gardening and Nutrition Workshops. These workshops are designed to help participants foster a deeper connection between their food, their bodies and their environment.

Through guided gardening activities, participants learn to cultivate organic produce from seed to harvest. They also learn about the connection between their food and their health through cooking and nutrition classes, where they learn how to incorporate fresh harvested, organic food into their diet.

In addition to gardening activities on the farm, participants engage in community outreach activities such as volunteering at other community gardens or helping sell the produce they help cultivate in the supported employment program.

Some of our activities include:

  • Harvesting fruit from the orchard
  • Planting seeds and seedlings
  • Watering, weeding, and harvesting fresh produce
  • Learning about compost
  • Cooking healthy meals with fresh, organic produce from the garden
  • Volunteering at Casa de las Comunidades, Rio Grande Community Farm, and other community gardens
  • Selling produce at Farmer’s Markets