Day Services

Image Description: A Hispanic male crouches in a garden, providing balance support to another HIspanic male who is sitting on the ground near a vegetable bed. They are both holding a yellow watering can. The man sitting on the ground is wearing a backwards baseball cat and has a thick mustache. In the background, a woman is standing in the garden, holding a shovel.
Individuals are introduced to new activities in order to expand their interests, build new skills, and identify opportunities for employment.

Mandy’s Farm helps individuals to explore opportunities to advance their employment, education, life skills, health, and well-being.

Our services are designed to help individuals identify, develop, and achieve their goals. Our pre-vocational Day Services program offers access to all of our amenities spread across three sites, including our fully-operational barn, therapeutic pool, orchard, cold frame greenhouses, gardens, and our visual arts program in the Los Ranchos, called Appaloosa Art Space.

In addition to workshops and daily activities that take place on site, our Day Services programs focus on offering community activities through which clients are able to form meaningful relationships in the community.  Clients take part in service learning, farmer’s market sales, and extensive recreational activities (shopping, visiting restaurants, viewing work in local galleries, hosting community art events and workshops, exploring museums, etc.) that offer opportunities for building life skills and new experiences in the community.

Image description: A white man with shoulder-length curly dark hair holds a baby goat. He is looking at  Hispanic man who is grinning broadly at the camera while holding another baby goat.
Day Services clients are able to spend time with animals, work on visual arts projects, and explore the community on a daily basis.

Mandy’s Day Services values the Employment-First principle, and strongly values the belief that everyone can work.  We see Day Services as an opportunity to identify individual’s skills and interests in order to develop a path to integrated work in the community.  Many of our workshops and daily activities are designed to help pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Day Services are provided to individuals on weekdays from 8:30am to 3:00pm.  Clients are welcome to select days of service based on their individual schedules.

Each month, clients are able to collectively develop a calendar of daily workshops and activities based on season, client goals, and activities that are meaningful to them.  Many of these workshops and ongoing areas of interest include career exploration, agriculture, visual arts, and fitness.

Career Exploration Workshops including:

  • Service Learning
  • Employment 101
  • Adaptive Agriculture
  • Vermi-composting
  • Farmer’s Market Sales
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Literacy Workshops

Additional Workshops including:

  • Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Printmaking)
  • Animal Husbandry and Adaptive Horsemanship
  • Fitness (Yoga, Swimming, Community Classes, Dance)
  • Community Recreation (Movies, Bowling, Restaurants)
  • Coffee Club
  • Cooking Workshops
  • Music Workshops

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