Employers are able to partner with Mandy’s Farm in order to identify qualified applicants who can fill open positions.

The Mandy’s Farm Employment Program helps individuals find meaningful employment opportunities in the community at minimum wage or higher. Employment services are designed to help individuals identify skills and interests, develop relationships with community businesses, and ultimately carve out a long-term career path. We fully embrace the Employment First principle and have designed our program to give participants real opportunities to participate in and contribute to their community. We believe that everyone can work and that the individuals we serve are prepared to enter the workforce.

Individuals with disabilities are ready and able to work in integrated employment alongside non-disabled peers. Become an inclusive workplace today!

Mandy’s Farm also works to meet the needs of Albuquerque businesses with services that are offered at no cost. Employment services are available to any local business interested in strengthening, diversifying, and expanding their workforce. We provide support in identifying and screening qualified candidates, on-boarding and training new hires, and monitoring employee performance on an on-going basis. Our job developers also consult with businesses about applicable tax incentives, ADA resources, and more!

Interested employers who wish to learn more about employing individuals with disabilities and its benefits, as well as those who are actively looking for employees, can contact us at any time at info@mandysfarm.org.