Mandy’s Farm Receives FTA Transportation Funding through 5310 Grant

Mandy’s Farm is pleased to continue its partnership with the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Authority through participation in their 5310 programs.

By the end of 2018, Mandy’s Farm is scheduled to receive $76,445.60 dollars in ADA-accessible vehicles through the 5310 program. Additionally, Mandy’s Farm has been recommended to receive an additional $119,028.00 dollars in ADA-accessible vehicles during 2019.

Mandy’s Farm was recently awarded the 2017 New Mexico Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities System of the Year award, recognizing our excellence in providing transportation to adults with developmental disabilities in Bernalillo County.

Sandia National Laboratories

Mandy’s Farm is proud to have received funding from Sandia National Laboratories for the second year running. This year, Sandia chose to invest $10,000 in our VAMOS Program, an employment preparation program for individuals with developmental disabilities who are navigating the transition from school to adulthood while still on the waiting list for Medicaid Waiver services. The VAMOS Program allows these individuals and their families to access eight weeks of programming designed to increase job skills, develop their resume, participate in a 40-hour paid internship, and so much more.

Get fit with Mandy’s Farm!

Since the summer of 2017, Mandy’s Farm has been thrilled to partner with Sydney Forestal of YogaRitas and PigYoga in order to provide quality fitness classes to our service recipients and friends of the farm! With the creative talents of our intern, Caroline Spencer, we were able to put together a fun fitness video featuring the great things we’ve been working on during our classes! We hope you enjoy!

Albuquerque Lodge 60

Mandy’s Farm is thrilled to have received a Tier I grant from the local mason’s organization, Albuquerque Lodge 60, in the amount of $40,000. This grant is allocated to capacity-building in Information Technology. It will allow us to refit our IT infrastructure, replace outdated equipment, and train staff in up-to-date usage of today’s technology.  This is an incredibly generous gift and will increase our efficiency and capacity as an organization for years to come.

Sandia National Laboratories

Mandy’s Farm is proud to have received funds from Sandia National Laboratories in support of the Everyone Can Work Program.  Everyone Can Work allows adults with developmental disabilities to identify career options alongside a trained job developer, receive assistance with job applications, and get on-the-job support from trained job coaches, allowing those we serve to gain and retain employment at minimum wage and higher.

New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism

Mandy’s Farm is pleased to announce our selection as an AmeriCorps Planning Grant recipient.  This program is overseen by the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism and will prepare Mandy’s Farm to implement a full AmeriCorps program in the following cycle year.  AmeriCorps members will be brought on board to fulfill the vision of the Mandy’s Farm VAMOS (Vocational Access and Meaningful Opportunities for Success) Program.  In New Mexico, adults with developmental disabilities rely on Medicaid Waiver services to gain access to the community, remain healthy, and obtain employment.  The waiting list for these services is over a decade long, leaving thousands of vulnerable individuals without support following high school.  The goal of the VAMOS Program is to close this service gap, supporting adults with developmental disabilities and their families as they transition from high school into the workforce.  We look forward to developing our AmeriCorps program with the support of the NMCCV.

United Way of Central New Mexico

In July 2017, Mandy’s Farm was awarded a grant in the amount of $17,000 from the Community Fund through United Way to pilot the VAMOS (Vocational Access and Meaningful Opportunities for Success) Program.  This program will allow Mandy’s Farm to meet the needs of adults with disabilities in our community who have graduated high school, but are still on the waiting list for Medicaid Waiver services.

Anderson Charitable Foundation

Mandy’s Farm is pleased to have received support from the Carl C. Anderson Sr. & Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation in the form of a $15,000 Challenge grant. These matching funds were used to leverage an additional $15,000 from private donors in the Albuquerque Community.

The Sandia Foundation

Mandy’s Farm was pleased to receive a grant from the Hugh and Helen Woodward Fund via the Sandia Foundation.  We are so grateful for their continued support.

Community Builders Program

Mandy’s Farm was invited to be a part of the Summer 2016 Community Builders Program, in which high school students are taught about philanthropy and local nonprofit organizations.  It was so exciting to have young community members visit the farm and learn about the programs there.  Community Builders awarded Mandy’s Farm with a grant supporting much-needed supplies for our agriculture program.