Mandy’s Farm is Established as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

Founded by Ruthie and David Robbins and named for their daughter Amanda (“Mandy”), the original aim of Mandy’s Farm was to provide high-quality 24-hour community living services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Mandy’s Farm opens on four acres in Albuquerque’s South Valley

Mandy’s Farm becomes the first residential facility in the United States designed with an emphasis on adult autism.


State Funding Granted

Mandy’s Farm is granted a contract through the Department of Health and the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division to provide community services for adults with disabilities.


Day Services and Supported Employment Programs Established

Mandy’s Farm creates an innovative new Day Services program, providing more individuals with an environment conducive to lifelong learning.   Additionally, Mandy’s expands into Supported Employment, providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to find integrated community employment at minimum wage or higher.


Residential Expansion to Second Supported Living Home

Mandy’s Farm expands to support additional residents by securing a second property in the South Valley. On just under three acres, this beautiful home serves four more adults with Developmental Disabilities.


Day Services Expands to include Appaloosa Art Space

Mandy’s Farm Appaloosa Art Space opens due to popular demand and a growing waiting list. Located in Nob Hill, Appaloosa Art Space is a program that provides inclusive workshops for adults in the Albuquerque community.


Mandy’s Farm Receives CARF Accreditation

Mandy’s Farm receives a 3-year Accreditation from CARF International.


Mandy’s Farm Begins Providing Customized In-Home Supports

Mandy’s Farm begins supporting individuals with Developmental Disabilities who live with family or surrogate families in the community.


Residential Expansion to Third Supported Living Home

Mandy’s Farm expands to support additional residents by securing a third property in the Northeast Heights.  This beautiful home will provide a caring and safe environment for four additional individuals with Developmental Disabilities to live in.