Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in programming at Mandy’s Farm?

Mandy’s Farm works to remove barriers to success encountered by individuals with a variety of disabilities. In order to receive support through our residential, day services, or employment programs, we require a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability.

While our VAMOS and AgrAbility programs are able to provide programming to a wider array of individuals with disabilities, these programs are exclusively grant funded. Funding contracts often effect how many individuals we can serve at a time, as well as admission criteria.

Our horseback riding and volunteer programs are accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities.

How do I initiate the intake process as a person with a disability interested in joining a Mandy’s Farm program?

Individuals interested in our programs often ask about our intake process. Because we are a Medicaid provider through the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division, this process occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individuals who are allocated funding through the New Mexico DD (Developmental Disabilities) Waiver can select Mandy’s Farm as a provider through completing a “Secondary Freedom of Choice” form with their case manager.

Mandy’s Farm programs frequently reach their maximum capacity after a short intake period , resulting in the initiation of a “moratorium” period. This means that we are not able to accommodate additional participants. While we are unable to maintain a formal “waiting list” that we update during periods of moratorium, we are able to take your contact information and update you when we are accepting new clients.

Feel free to speak with one of our lead staff members here to find out about whether we currently have any vacancies.

What if I am on the waiting list for the DD Waiver or don’t know if I am eligible?

Many New Mexicans are currently on the waiting list for the DD Waiver, or are unaware of the DD Waiver as a potential resource. Mandy’s Farm currently offers the VAMOS Program for individuals and families living without adult services. The VAMOS Program, consisting of three eight-week cohorts held during the fall, spring, and summer, provides extensive job training, soft skills, and self-advocacy support, as well as paid internship opportunities and benefits navigation. This program is offered at no cost to participants and their families. For more information, please visit our VAMOS information page here.

How is Mandy’s Farm funded?

Mandy’s Farm is a nonprofit organization, so we rely heavily on grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and volunteer work in order to carry out our unique programming. While several of our programs are funded almost exclusively through charitable dollars, we also receive funding from the Medicaid Waiver through a state contract. This allows us to seek reimbursement for the direct care (individualized coaching) our staff members provide to Medicaid Waiver recipients. However, this funding can often fall short of what the individuals we serve may need, as well as the overall need in the community (at this time, the waiting list for allocation to the Medicaid Waiver in New Mexico is 10-15 years long). Even among Medicaid Waiver recipients, individuals experiencing hospitalization, mental health crises, significant medical oversight, or other unexpected circumstances often rely on fundraised dollars to cover service gaps.

Mandy’s Farm is committed to providing individualized care to those participating in our programs. At this time, the Medicaid Waiver reimburses us with the expectation that we will provide one trained support coach for a group of four to six participants. Within our programs, we make every effort to provide lower ratios, with one support coach working with a group of three to four participants. While this ratio is not reimbursed, we feel that it makes a significant difference in terms of program safety, outcomes, individualized care, and increased independence.