Mandy’s Farm Current COVID-19 Response

The significant increase in COVID-19 cases throughout our state is alarming. Given this risk, we are doing everything within our power to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the individuals we support and our employees. We have implemented the following infection control policies in alignment with best practices and the most current information available from the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

  1. All Mandy’s Farm employees are required to wear a face mask at all times. When eating or drinking, we require appropriate social distancing from anyone else who may be present.  
  2. We ask that our entire team encourages the individuals we support to wear a face mask (fully covering the face and mouth) and practice with them throughout the day.  This is going to be a way of life for all of us for some time. 
  3. Social distancing should be implemented in all settings, whenever possible. This may require residents and staff eating meals at staggered times, limiting group activities, and actively engaging individuals in different areas of the home or outside when possible.  
  4. All Mandy’s Farm employees are asked to complete required health screening tools immediately following arrival on shift.
  5. Support staff are assisting all residents with completing daily health screenings, and are required to communicate any new symptoms or the presence of a fever to our nursing team immediately.
  6. All employees are required to follow our disinfection and sanitation processes that have been updated to focus on frequent cleaning of high-touch areas at each site.
  7. Staff are required to wear gloves when preparing food for residents. Food preparation gloves are available at each site.
  8. Thorough hand washing (with soap and water, for 20 seconds or longer) is required before and after: food preparation, cleaning/disinfecting common surfaces, assisting participants with personal hygiene, assisting with medications, and entering/ exiting a Mandy’s Farm site.
  9. Employees are asked to strictly adhere to current public health orders and COVID-safe practices when not at work. To view the current guidelines, as they do change over time, please click here. Whenever possible stay home and wear a mask/ social distance whenever you are in the presence of someone outside your immediate household.   

In addition to these COVID-safe practices, Mandy’s Farm has initiated, or is in the process of implementing, the following safety protocols:

  1. We are encouraging families to visit with their loved ones via Zoom or phone, rather than in-person during this difficult time. We do not have the authority to determine that visits cannot occur, but we are communicating the increased risk of exposure to the immediate families of those we support.  
  2. We are providing a bleach solution to disinfect dishes and cutlery following each use, as well as disposable plates/cups/cutlery to minimize the sharing of these items.
  3. We have newly implemented weekly electrostatic disinfection of all property locations and vehicles in use.  
  4. We are currently engaging our management team and direct support personnel in a conversation to discuss changes to scheduling in order to minimize the amount of exposure that occurs when an employee tests positive for COVID-19.  
  5. We are currently arranging an on-site flu clinic, which will be available to all employees and participants. Information regarding this opportunity will be shared upon confirmation of a date and time. 

We recognize that this is a difficult period and that many of us have been directly impacted by this public health emergency in varying and deeply personal ways. Please know that we are working hard everyday to provide the resources necessary to minimize risk for all of our employees and participants.

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