New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism

Mandy’s Farm is pleased to announce our selection as an AmeriCorps Planning Grant recipient.  This program is overseen by the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism and will prepare Mandy’s Farm to implement a full AmeriCorps program in the following cycle year.  AmeriCorps members will be brought on board to fulfill the vision of the Mandy’s Farm VAMOS (Vocational Access and Meaningful Opportunities for Success) Program.  In New Mexico, adults with developmental disabilities rely on Medicaid Waiver services to gain access to the community, remain healthy, and obtain employment.  The waiting list for these services is over a decade long, leaving thousands of vulnerable individuals without support following high school.  The goal of the VAMOS Program is to close this service gap, supporting adults with developmental disabilities and their families as they transition from high school into the workforce.  We look forward to developing our AmeriCorps program with the support of the NMCCV.