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Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Mandys Special Farm
Join Giving Assistant now to shop, save, and support Mandys Special Farm. Easily donate 3-30% of purchases from stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

Donate Your Car

Donate your car to Mandy’s Farm! It doesn’t even have to run or be in good shape.

Donate through One Community Auto.  Click here for more information. It’s easy and convenient, they’ll pick it up for free, and you get a tax deduction!

Donate through CaringCent

We’ve made donating to Mandy’s Farm easier than every by partnering with CaringCent!  Here’s how it works:

Register your credit or debit card with CaringCent and when you shop, your purchase total will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.  The difference is then donated to Mandy’s Farm–it’s that easy!  Through our innovative programs, Mandy’s Farm is able to help all individuals achieve their greatest self-sufficiency and establish a better quality of life.

To sign up, just click here.

Donate by Check

Mandy’s  Farm
PO Box 9346
Albuquerque, NM 87119

FEIN: 85-0436516

*All donations are tax deductible as prescribed by law; see your accountant.